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Our Partners

Our approach is very different to mainstream Matrimonial websites and we are very particular about the high calibre of candidates we want to attract to this website.  We feel it is important to understand that nobody but God  truly knows the level of anyone individual’s God Consciousness, therefore, we do not in no way imply that every single candidate on this website is of a spiritually high standing, however, within the same breath we are able to confidently assure you that our website has the highest concentration of professional.  


Even after members join this website, we closely monitor all interactions and profile content.  Anything deemed to be slightly inappropriate and not within our guidelines will not be tolerated risking termination of membership.  


If you head an organisation and feel that your target audience would benefit from joining  Sylheti  Matrimony, then please feel free to email us on partners@sylhetimatrimony.com so that we can review your organisation and consider your audience for this website and develop a partnership with you.


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